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The largest criminal organization in Spain dedicated to the importation and distribution of legal refrigerant gases is dismantled.

The National Police, the Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax Agency and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) have seized 2,126 cylinders equivalent to more than 27,000 kg of illegally imported refrigerant gases, which in the market would have a value of more than 250,000 €.

In addition, they discovered more than 180,000 kilograms of fluorinated gases marketed illegally with a value of more than one million euros, as sources of the investigation estimate that the discovery of the imported merchandise would be more than 15,000 bottles of fluorinated gases. Documentation is still being analyzed to calculate the total amount of imported gases. However, taking into account the minimum volume of the containers, it can be estimated that the amount of imported fluorinated gas exceeds 180 tons. Five arrests have been made, thus dismantling this criminal organization.

👉 From Gas Servei we celebrate this new blow to the illegal traffic of HFCs. We reiterate that we will only put an end to this scourge by denouncing this type of practices that are so harmful to the #environment, to #industry and, ultimately, to society as a whole.

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