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#GoodPracticesGS: Everything you need to know about reclaimed refrigerant gases.

What is a reclaimed gas?

It is a gas recovered from a refrigeration equipment or installation, delivered to an authorized waste manager, who will analyze and eliminate uncondensable gases, impurities, oil and/or humidity so that it meets the same quality and purity standards of a virgin gas according to AHRI 700 standard.

Regenerated refrigerant gases available:

R-23, R-134a, R-404A, R-410A, R-434A (RS-45) and R-507.

What are the savings in F.G.T. (F.G.T.) on a 10-15 kg cylinder of regenerated gas?s regenerated?

Is there any difference in operation or performance between a virgin or reclaimed gas?

No. A regenerated gas has the same thermodynamic behavior, cooling capacity and COP as a virgin gas.

Which company is authorized to regenerate fluorinated refrigerant gases?

Only an authorized F-Gas waste manager is authorized to regenerate recovered refrigerant gases.

Gas Servei S.A., as waste manager AR/GRP-93 and waste transporter T-1165, offers all the services of waste recovery and transportation, analysis, regeneration, destruction and certification to its customers.

In which installations can I use reclaimed gas, who do I have to inform and what documentation do I have to submit?

Refrigerant reclaimed by an authorized waste manager can be used in any refrigeration system.
The refrigeration company must inform the owner or user that the refrigerant is reclaimed, and must provide a certificate with a file number issued by the authorized waste manager of the quality of the product.

What additional information must a label for a reclaimed gas contain?

1) The word “reclaimed” following the ASHRAE No. of the refrigerant gas.
2) The file number that has been generated for its regeneration.
3) The data of the authorized waste manager.

What type of containers are used for a reclaimed gas?

The same as those used for virgin gas and with the same load.

What are the technical and safety data sheets for a reclaimed refrigerant gas?

They are the same as that of virgin refrigerant gas.

What are the advantages of reclaimed refrigerant gas vs. virgin refrigerant gas?

In case of maintenance of installations:

  • The tax on reclaimed gas is 50% of the virgin gas (e.g. the tax on reclaimed R-404A is 29.41 €/kg instead of 58.82 €/kg).
  • Regenerated gases with an Atmospheric Warming Potential (GWP) greater than or equal to 2500 can be used for the maintenance of installations of any load until the year 2030 (e.g. regenerated R-404A can be used for the maintenance of refrigeration plants).

Download the PDF with all the information and take it with you on your cell phone by clicking here.

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