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Gas Servei participates in AHR Expo Mexico 2022, the most important fair of the sector in Latin America.

The 2022 edition of AHR Expo Mexico, held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, was the perfect setting for Gas Servei, a leader in Europe in the sale of refrigerant gases and tools for air conditioning and refrigeration, highlighted its presence in the industry. During the 3 exciting days of the fair, Gas Servei demonstrated its commitment to innovation and development of sustainable solutions for refrigeration and air conditioning, presenting solutions at the forefront of the changes that will take place in the coming years.

Gas Servei’s participation in AHR Expo Mexico 2022 was not only an opportunity to highlight its wide range of products, but also to establish and strengthen key business relationships in the industry. The event brought together a broad spectrum of professionals, from manufacturers to installers, distributors and refractors, allowing Gas Servei to connect with important industry players and explore new opportunities for collaboration and growth.

“Gas Servei’s participation in AHR Expo Mexico 2022 has been truly gratifying. We have had the opportunity to present our innovative solutions to a highly specialized audience, establishing valuable connections and generating great interest in our products. This fair has allowed us to reaffirm our commitment to excellence and sustainability in the refrigeration industry, and we are excited about the opportunities for growth and collaboration that will arise from our participation in this important event”. – Erwin Gonzalez, Sales Manager, Gas Servei Mexico.




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