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Gas Servei participates as exhibitor in AHR Expo Mexico 2023

In the world of refrigeration and air conditioning, innovation is the key to a more sustainable and efficient future. In that spirit, Gas Servei, an industry leader in refrigerant gases and solutions for air conditioning and refrigeration, has left its mark on AHR Expo Mexico 2023, the largest fair of its kind in Latin America.

The AHR Expo Mexico is known for attracting the most prominent professionals in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, and this year was no exception. Gas Servei had the opportunity to present its cutting-edge products and solutions to an audience eager for technological novelties.

At the Gas Servei booth, visitors found a wide range of products, from environmentally friendly refrigerant gases to new products such as GS FLUSH Pressurized, a cleaning fluid substitute for HCFC-141b.

Sustainability is a global concern, and Gas Servei is leading the way in the industry by offering solutions that reduce environmental impact. Its state-of-the-art refrigerant gases are less harmful to the environment and comply with the strictest regulations. In addition, its focus on energy efficiency is helping customers reduce costs and emissions. A good example of this is the recent success story with 7-Eleven, who chose Gas Servei and its RS-70 and RS-50 to carry out retrofits in more than 220 units in all its stores in Nuevo León, Mexico.

AHR Expo Mexico 2023 was a showcase for these innovative solutions. Gas Servei experts were present to provide technical advice, share their knowledge and show the latest trends in refrigeration and air conditioning technology.

But Gas Servei’s participation in the fair was not limited to exhibiting products. It was also an opportunity to establish key industry relationships and explore new collaborations. The company is committed to working with other companies and professionals to drive innovation in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in Mexico, where it has a subsidiary established for over 5 years.

In summary, Gas Servei’s participation in AHR Expo Mexico 2023 was a testament to its leadership in the industry and its commitment to a more sustainable and efficient future. As the industry moves towards environmentally friendly solutions and energy efficiency, Gas Servei is at the forefront, offering products and expertise that make a difference. Always at the forefront of innovation, Gas Servei will continue to drive the industry towards a more sustainable future.

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