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Criminal organization dedicated to trafficking of illegal refrigerant gases in Spain dismantled

The Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax Agency and the Civil Guard dismantled last October a criminal organization dedicated to the trafficking of illegal fluorinated gases. The joint operation, known as “Operation Fluoris”, has led to one of the largest seizures of illegal refrigerant gases in Spain in recent years.

In total, 19,000 kg of various types of refrigerant gases of illicit origin were seized, including R-22, banned in Spain since 2010 due to its potential ozone-depleting capacity.
1,800 cylinders were seized, of which 996 were disposable, completely banned in the EU since 2006. These cylinders had adulterated labeling, which further increases the danger if this gas ended up in an air conditioning or refrigeration system.

3 people were arrested and 5 more are under investigation. The Guardia Civil also obtained the details of their customers, and warned them that the purchase of illegal refrigerant gases is a crime.
From Gas Servei we greatly appreciate the work of the authorities and the FFCCS, and reiterate our commitment to eradicate this scourge that does so much damage to the sector and the environment.


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