THUNDER lubricants for refrigerator compressors

The THUNDER range of lubricant products, manufactured in the EU, are specially formulated to provide unbeatable performance for air conditioning and refrigeration systems. We have a comprehensive range for all types of applications and refrigerants, including CFC, HCFC, HFC, HFO, CO2, NH3 and HC.


Gases, welding torches, rods and other products for high quality welding.

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Components for A/C and refrigeration systems

High quality products for installing refrigeration systems, such as valves (ball, retention, solenoid, safety), liquid indicators, anti-vibration components, thermoplastic pipes, filter dehydrators, copper pipes, copper and brass accessories.

Chemical solutions

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Accessories and valves for refrigerant gas cylinders

Tools and equipment

Gas Servei Catalogue 2021. All the products for the world of air conditioning and refrigeration.

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Accessories for air conditioning

Circuit cleaning

Fluids and equipment for cleaning all types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.