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ODP 0 0


GWP 3985

Temperature range

Temperatura Low
Temperatura Average


Inflamable Non flammable

Compatible lubricants



New installation Inst. Nueva


Insulated transport
Insulated transport
Commercial Refrigeration
Commercial Refrigeration
Industrial refrigeration
Industrial refrigeration

R-507A is a zero ozone depletion azeotropic HFC refrigerant gas mixture used in new medium and low temperature refrigeration equipment. It is also an indirect substitute (retrofit), in equipment that had previously worked with R-502 and its HCFC substitutes such as R-408A, DI-44, HP80.

R-507A is a long-term substitute refrigerant for installations with medium and low refrigeration temperatures that would have previously used R-502 or R-22. Its physical, thermodynamic and operational properties are very similar to those of R-502. Discharge temperatures are lower than R-502. In some working conditions, the cooling capacity is even higher than R-502 but at the same time with a slightly lower coefficient of performance.


· Cold stores.

· Refrigerated showcases.

· Ice cream / ice machines.

· Ice rinks.

· Cold rooms.

· Refrigerated transport.

· Cold drinks dispenser.

· Frozen tunnels.

· Fishing boats.

· Flooded systems.

· Does not damage the ozone layer, ODP = 0.

· Only compatible with synthetic POE oils.

· Equipment can be refilled in the event of a leak.

· Discharge temperatures lower than R-22 and R-502, which prolongs the life of the compressor.

· Cooling capacity and energy efficiency very similar to R-502.

· Superior cooling capacity and energy efficiency similar to R-22.

Global Warming Potential (GWP): 3985

Boiling point at 1,013 bar (ºC): -46,7

· Temperature slip or glide (ºC): 0

· Saturated vapor density at 25ºC (kg / m3): 66.64

· UN number: 1078

· Safety classification: A1. Low toxicity and non-flammable.

· Always charge in liquid phase.

• 740 kg
• 50 kg
• 20 kg
• 12 kg
• 10 kg
• 5 kg
• 1,8 kg
• 0,8 kg
• 10,9 kg